Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monthly Goals: The WHEW Time Flies Edition

My niece hungs out last week, then had a birthday, then I got sick! Add in a few freelance gigs and an actual GO INTO THE OFFICE situation and its obvious why I haven't had Blog Time.

April Recap:
1. Car Stuff - I drove less than expected so don't need to mess with the brakes or oil change yet. My license expires this month so that was put off. Also I need my brother to go to Sam's Club with me for the tire rotation since they were bought under his membership. Half Fail/Half Success
2. Attain employment to keep Sentra happy - Found freelance gigs, didn't need to work. SUCCESS!
3. Pay taxes *cringe* - I forgot about the unemployment I received last year. I got money back!
4. Read 5 real books - Yep
5. Attend 2 new meetings - Attended
6. Host contests - Had 2, another coming soon :)

So May...Gosh I don't know. I'm so busy already that I know this month will fly by

1. Finish car stuff
2. Draft different budgets to see how long I can remain unemployed
3. Figure out how to get more useful kitchen stuff for cheap/free
4. Keep Swagbucking - I'm getting multiples a day now!
5. Take 2 photo expeditions - I used to do this all the time in college
6. Keep doing 30 sit-ups every other day (unless sick)