Friday, May 14, 2010

Kids Have it So EASY!

I remember (ab)using my best friend's three-way calling in eighth grade to makes prank calls. We'd look up names and numbers in the phone book (remember those relics?) and call pretending to be calling from the utility company.

Cause you know - we needed to make sure those refrigerators were running ;) is supposed to be used to help you find a misplaced cell phone. Enter your number and it calls.

But think of all the cyber-abuses this could get! Prank calling for the lazy, faking an important call to make an escape from work, annoying your rival pizza shop, etc

There is just so much mischief to be had...or you know - phones to be found.


Kate said...

I'll admit it. I had to go to the website and try this immediately. It works!