Sunday, May 9, 2010

Garage Saling my Kitchen

Ever since I took that cooking class I've been experimenting more in the kitchen. Of course this means I want a lot more kitchen stuff! Luckily garage sale season just kicked off and look at what I already bought:

Church Semi-Annual Rummage Sale:
Meat Tenderizer $1
Melon Baller .50
Sifter .50
Cutting/Paring Set in Ivory $2
Floury Cutting Thing .50
Really big Pyrex Pie Pan .50
Thermometer $1
Ice Cream Scoop .25

That thermometer has already paid itself off manifold! I KNEW my oven was off and now I have proof. Ever since I got this baby my cookies have stopped melting into crispy wafers.

This serving tray was .25. The bottom says its a lasagna serving tray so I pulled out that pan I got a few weeks ago and sure enough - its a perfect fit! The tray seems to be made of plastic so this is probably for decorative purposes, not for going straight from the oven to the table.

Any opinions on it?

I wanted another cookie sheet to supplement the one I already have. Instead I found a HUGE Wilton 18" x 14" for only $1!

I bought this $5 trio because it matches a picture I bought last year for $50 (don't worry, I cashed out credit card points for a gift certificate to buy it.) I love these flowers but can't figure out where to hang them.


Mandi said...

Dude you totally scored! I didn't even know they made cookie sheets that big!

Della said...

Very nice! I haven't been to any yard/garage sails this year...

But man, you found some great things! I love the poppy prints (those are poppies right?)

Pat Harris said...

Looks like you have just about everything you need for your kitchen. Great job of outfitting it on the cheap!! Oh and thank you for visiting junkblossoms and the sweet comment. Pat.

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Great finds!