Tuesday, May 18, 2010

but why Staples?

I love Staples but they've spent the last two weeks making a mess of my AMEX statement. It all started with the packaging/rainy day fail of May 2010.

Staples shipped out new items and took back the old ones the very next day - kudos!

But then look at what they did:
5/04 2nd Charge: 85.81
5/04 Apologize over phone, promise to issue refund
5/10 Apologize again, claim the refund system was down and a credit will be issued
5/13 3rd Charge: 85.81
5/18 Apologize again, say both credits will go through in 24-48 hours

The worst part isn't the time spent on the phone (I'm unemployed, have speaker phone and a never ending list of things to clean) but the incredulity of the CSRs. My relationship with AMEX's on-line banking is a decade old and I can tell the difference between a credit and a charge. Yet every time I call I have to explain how the original box and goods were damaged, then explain that there haven't been any credits issued.

Today I called TWICE because the first CSR refused to believe there was a 3rd charge on the 13th and kept insisting a credit was issued on the 4th which I could not see. Of course I called AMEX immediately and they reassured me the CSR was wrong. So I had to call back and re-explain everything.

AMEX suggested I stop arguing with Staples and dispute the charges but I think a third party further complicate the issue. I love Staples and want them to figure this out on their own - without my constant policing of their actions.


Mandi said...

Dude, seriously?? 3 charges? Hello? At this point everything better be free.

Della said...

Boo! Bad Staples, hello Office Max! ;)

Lawgirl said...

Yup, I agree - they owe you a LOT. It might be best to just call and ask for a manager from now on - these people with whom your dealing don't sound like they have the experience necessary for this issue.