Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anny's First Political Scoop EV4R!

SO GUYS! I used to live in Paterson, NJ, where we have a history of crappy officials. I was thrilled tonight when Joey Torres aka My Political Nemesis lost to Jeff Jones (not to be confused with Jim Jones who was seen using drugs in Paterson earlier this week).

So here's my scoop - Mayor Jeff Jones (AGAIN - not Jim Jones the drug using rapper who will be teaching high school kids next year) works at the community college so drawing a salary from both the school and the city is a conflict of interest *GASP*

So why do I care? I don't really, I just wanted to document it so when this hits the papers next year I can say I KNEW THAT and link to this post as evidence.

Oh snap guys! Jones is standing on the college's property for that picture up there! Now I have photographic proof of...something. Lois Lane better watch out before I start moving in on that dweeby fellow with a penchant for plaid.


Anonymous said...

Aren't blog posts editable?