Friday, May 21, 2010

AirBNB - Travel Like a Human

AirBNB e-mailed a coupon:
"Save $50 on any trip taken between May 26th and May 31st. Use coupon code MEMORIALDAY50 upon booking to take advantage of the offer."

I used AirBNB last year when taking advantage of Jet Blue's "All You Can Jet" promotion. In Chicago I stayed with a fellow graphic designer/crafter in her spare bedroom. In Seattle I stayed with a yoga instructor who turned her house into a hostel through the website. I met a couple travelling from France and a girl from Spain as well as the generic Americans.

This site is so awesome. Most places have a bunch of pictures and you can read reviews from other people who stayed there - its kind of like eBaying your spare bedroom. Both places were much cheaper than hotels and provided breakfast. In the Seattle room I even had a mini fridge with snacks and oj :)

Here are some places from the site I would love to stay at:

A british castle for $122 a night!? I bet its even haunted!

This one is $225 a night but also very pretty.

I would watch an episode of Lost every night before bed if I stayed here.

Click here to see how this "home's" interior is decorated. How cute is that!?


Mandi said...

Okay that top picture is awe.some. I'm off to check out the shoe house!