Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TMobile Tried to Kill Me!

According to a british study people who report being frequently bored are likelier to have shorter life expectancies than the unbored. They tracked folks from 1985-88, measuring their self-reported boredom levels then dropped by again last year to see if they were still alive.

How's that for morbid?

Now, I have plenty of interests and a few rotating hobbies. Yet TMobile has been trying to kill me since 2002 with their exaggerated sidekick support hold times.

About two weeks ago my sidekick lost its cookies and refused to remember passwords. It would even log me out of e-mail accounts while I was still reading messages! I called today while doing chores and endured a 32 minute phone call while the customer service rep reset my account remotely three times.

Apparently this issue is happening to all sidekickians without T-Mobile admitting to having updated any of the backend stuff that would screw this up. I love my phone(s) and readily admit my ridiculous devotion to its good value are what keep this company in business.

Of course now that I can equate their service to arsenic donuts the adoration has faded a bit.