Monday, April 5, 2010

Strengthening an Anny

I've been going to bikram once a week and every time I come home exhausted. I don't expect my body to react the same way as it did when I went every other day but it would be nice if it didn't just buckle.

So tonight I had to acknowledge that I'm just weak. My arms and legs aren't post-contorting sore, they're just post-sustaining weight sore. So what can I do that doesn't involve cash (since I still haven't paid taxes)?

1. Walk for local errands - even if no one else in my town walks farther than from their car to an eatery
2. Do a sit-up - I remember during kick boxing when I could do 100 without stopping for a break. I wonder if I can do 10 now ;)
3. Play on the Wii Fit for exercise rather than fun - Lately I only break her out when someone is willing to play with me. The Wii needs to be demoted from toy to exercise machine
4. Stop eating crap - Ironically before bikram I ate very healthy stuff. Everything was boiled and I had to buy butter whenever I made cookies. Then I lost all that weight and started eating junk to regain it. I like my current weight but have to admit its unhealthy from poor food choices.


Mandi said...

So on this note, I've decided to lift weights to help with thee ole underarm sag. Now, is this going to help slim my arms, or make my arms look more beefy? I'm concerned. Also, I'm with you on "stop eating crap". Amen.