Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Roundup: The Contest Edition

Congratulations to Professor Cameron at Interesting Computer Stuff with Professor Cameron for winning the $20 Stop and Shop Gift Card! I hope you shop responsibly with coupons and rewards cards.

Have you guys heard of Forgetomori? The whole website is devoted to debunking crazy myths through SCIENCE and LOGIC! I would suck as an investigator but would be an awesome audience for my co-workers. I do an awesome GASP! Take this undoctored picture from 1940. Is the shaded fellow a fashion revolutionist or a time traveler into bridges? Check out the link and draw your own conclusions.

My cousin and I made pizza on my pizza stone. Turns out rolling dough into a circle is both difficult and overrated ;)

Action Disasters is the kind of website a crochety old teacher would run if they took an "Intro to Websites" class. Take this picture of a trite Washington scene, which is dubbed radioactive. I like it because it doesn't look like a 25 cent postcard. The writing is humourous but I disagree with almost every "disaster" on the website.

"A 25-pound box of tomatoes from south Florida is selling for $30, up more than 300% from a year ago, when a box of tomatoes cost about $6.50 to $7." This means you have to ask for tomatoes when going to fast food joints now. Cursed weather interrupting my Vitamin C intake!

I am Baker made Super Mario cookies because she is that much cooler (and patient) than everyone else.


FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

Just a few tips re: making pizza at home

BF rolls his dough out on the counter before transferring it to the pizza stone with a big wooden paddle.

he lets it cook for about 5 minutes to get a good base, before putting the ingredients on, so that the pizza dough doesn't get mushy

Also, don't grate the cheese. Cube it, and don't overcook it, or else it turns into oil.

Good luck :) Homemade pizza is THE best.