Friday, April 2, 2010

Monthly Goals: The Sentra Edition

This month marks the four year anniversary of my car's purchase. Unfortunately that means all kinds of vehicular expenses will be cropping up:

1. Registration renewal
2. Car inspection
3. Oil change
4. Tire rotation
5. Brake flush and soon new brakes
6. Unrelated but license renewal

The brakes will probably set me back a few hundred so that means this month I need to be employed. Its been over a year and I love working from home but I love my car more than slothing.

So here are this month's goals:

1. Complete that list of 6 Sentra related items...except the new brakes if my mechanic gives them the ok.
2. Attain employment to keep Sentra happy - preferably part-time
3. Pay taxes *cringe*
4. Read 5 real books
5. Attend 2 new meetings
6. Host contests

And on a cheerier note - my niece turns two this month and is uber awesome :D