Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its like the 2nd time you saw Kenny die and were like "but isn't he already dead!?"

Sony announced this weekend that by March 2011 they will cease the production of floppy disks. Time to hoard up, not for data "storage" but for funky decor that proudly announces I AM GEEK!

The easiest route is to make a cupholder. Cupholders are the macaroni art of adult crafters.

I love lighting and this would look awesome in a home office. Of course, I'm way too refined *giggle* to go for the rainbow colored pack, I'd be a two-tone, monochrome chica.

I bruise easily so I wouldn't go for this sharply edged bag, although I dig its metal bindings.

This bag makes me miss Quake although I sucked playing it.

When in doubt make a notebook. People make paper so why not bind it with commentary on the written word encased in obsolete technology?