Saturday, April 10, 2010

Internet Abuzz Over Enso

About a month ago Engadget promoted an Enso touchscreen tablet. Then all types of poorly written english chaos ensued.

Thousands of people jumped on the $150 iPad knock-off (engadget is a great technology resource) and this sent red flags up at Paypal. According to Enso's president's initial blog post they locked his account for receiving too many funds in too short a time.

This is from his blog:
"We tried to explain them the reason behind the sales spike, but they instead asked us to provide a tracking number for every order received.

They did not listen to us when we said that we were only a small startup, and we needed the cash to cover manufacturing costs and start shipping. This represented a big problem for us as we were receiving tons of orders but had no real cash flow.

We were running completely on our limited financial abilites. So we took action and travelled back to Italy to seek investments and fill the order as soon as possible. A local bank just granted us a small loan that is enough to cover our travel expenses and fill the first order batch.

This is believable since Paypal has been screwing people over for almost a decade. eBay's fine print says if customers pay via anything but paypal they forfeit rights to their first born.

So Enso prez took out a small loan to start fulfilling orders. Again according to his blog, they had the supplier but with their funds frozen couldn't pay to place the order.

Engadget started getting flak about their product endorcement and declared Enso's tablet vaporware. They pointed out if customers ordered on the first day of the posting and waited for the new estimated ship date on the tablets they would be over by two days on Paypal's refund policy.

Enso prez flipped out in poor english on both his blog and on the comments section of the story. In this blog post he decides to alleviate the Paypal blame and go straight to the source:

"The answer is simple : Engadget . We never requested coverage from them, we do not want it, therefore stop talking about us.
They have caused our server to crash, our Ebay and Paypal account lock, what else ? Their stupidity has caused our inability to place an order in time.
You Engadget is responsible, and nobody else.
Not happy with having ruined our business, they now want to destroy our public image even more.
We had enough, we are suing Engadget officially for Libel and defamation.

Meanwhile the tablet supplier says they only ordered one sample tablet but have not placed any larger orders.

I'm really curious to see how this plays out. I'm ridiculously trusting but would have requested a refund by now. I believed his Paypal woes until he started insulting engadget and the manufacturer jumped in. Now I don't know if he's really unlucky or just really clever and banking interest on thousands of paypal orders that will eventually be refunded or may end up being his anyway. Apparently he tried microloans back in 2008 and failed - this may be a better way of micro-ing his way to success.

* Comic from Mordant Orange because they're just funnier than I am