Monday, April 12, 2010

How often does your top song change?

What's your latest power song - that feel good, sure to pick you up, life is great song? About how often do you loop it?

I have a terrible confession that will come as a shock to everyone but about 2-3 people. I'm a looper. When a song catches me I will play that sucker straight for hours on end - assuming there isn't a roommate around to injure with it.

Sometimes I can't remember the song a month later - check out this blog post from 4-5 months ago. I remember watching the video dozens of times and playing it over and over behind my surfing window. Now the video has been removed and I don't even remember the song's name or artist!

At other times my favorite will become so overplayed it loops right out of my life. Yet the less desirable option is when a favorite is shared during a memorable moment that is later soured.

I had one song that I learned all the words to just by overplaying. Not only did I learn the words, I developped mini hand gestures to go with the lyrics. Then I started playing with inflection. I practically remixxed that song in my car. That went on for several months in the summer of aught8. Then I heard the song in the wrong car and was comfortable enough to "act out" the entire thing for someone besides a gawker in the next lane.

That person and I are still dear friends and I would make a fool of myself again but that was a bad night. I stopped listening. Tonight, almost two years after I first heard that song, it came on the radio. At first I went to instinctively change it, then I tried to sing along but realized I'd even pushed the lyrics out of my head.

Of course I still had the cd in my car (its been mine for 4 years and all the cds I've ever played in it are still in there) so the only solution was to begin the relooping. I looped, I sang and now even my throat is kind of sore from all the joyful music.

Sometimes it takes longer to forgive a song than to forgive a moment.

Comic from Mordant Orange cause they make me giggle.


Lawgirl said...

I'm a looper too. Although I had to giggle when you did the hand movements in front of someone. Lol.