Monday, April 12, 2010

Garage Sale Season Open - Pyrex & Joy!

I went to three garage sales this weekend and they ran the gamut of sales in my area. One was all baby junk and used clothing. One was overpriced eBay overstock like First Communion mementos and serving utensils.

The last was sadly visited as they were closing and had most things already boxed up. Still I managed to snag:

1. Pyrex lasagna pan $1
2. Mini strainer .25
3. JOY letters $1

I'm excited about the letters - they are HUGE and will look great over the door of our dining room. That room has warmer overtones and I love random typography :D (Yes, I know JOY is normally a Christmas sentiment but it should be a year round emotion.)

CVS has a bunch of kitchen stuff 75% off so I got that kitchen towel for .50. Whenever you visit CVS make sure to scan your member card at the electronic kiosk. I went with a friend and we both got $1 off CVS brand paper products and $1 off CVS skincare coupons from the machine. Toilet paper is 2/$1 this week so free. In the travel sized section there is a fair array of lotions and antibacterial stuff for $1 so also - free! Between this and the Marcal freebie coupons I haven't had to pay for toilet paper in over a year :D

My local Staples is clearancing a bunch of stuff. I loaded up on .50 boxes of trash bags and picked up a $1 tube of Goo Gone as well as a $1 itouch case and $6 shovel with telescoping handle. Some other stuff that was .50 but I didn't buy was: aluminum foil, clear food wrap, pens, paper tablets...forget what else. They had some floor display furniture marked down 75-90% off and plenty of plush office chairs 75% in boxes. The chairs were boxxed and not floor models.


Wendy said...

Great find on the Joy letters!

Thanks for the heads up about CVS!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Whoa! Awesome finds! I'm on the lookout for one of those pyrex pans. When I find them they want $8 & up! Great deal on the letters and TP too! Wish our Staples was as great as yours!

Audra said...

Frugal Score! Sorry that the other sale was wrapping up but you found some winners. Love the Letters...I too would keep them up all year round to remind me to find J-O-Y in the little things.