Thursday, April 29, 2010

Double Dose of Awesome!

First of all - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY 2 YEAR OLD NIECE!!! Never mind that she can't read, is a spanish speaking baby and probably doesn't have a concept of birthdays. I'm also positive she doesn't visit my blog, in spite of my ocassionally mentioning it around her. Its a jerky habit I hope she outgrows ;)

So there's this awesome blog I read every night before bed called 1000 Awesome Things. Coupled with my Gratitude Journal these things guarantee happy, easy sleep :)

So for backstory - my car has a lot of audio options. Normally I go to Fave Station 1, then Fave Station 2. Barring those I move on to the Shuffle and listen to talks. If I forgot the shuffle or the battery is dead I move on to Cd changer 1, which is normally a chipper rap cd. If that doesn't fulfill me I move on to CD changer with 5 cds. So yeah - my car isn't a "lets converse or make phone calls" vehicle, its an auditory over-stimulation MACHINE.

Now my last cd option isn't one I like going to when happy. It normally defaults to my Portishead cd, which is great on britishly overcast days or when I'm depressed. Because of the sad association with a good cd I hate even clicking on the radio long enough to shuffle through the cds in that deck.


It went to my Anti-Ryan LP, so called after my dear friend Ryan who hates my music with the passion of a Music Hater. I made this cd about a decade ago and its full of old-school, swagger rap. I love it more than any other cd because it always makes me laugh. My brother must have set it he was messing with the Sentra the other day. He doesn't listen to rap anymore but this cd always makes him think of high school :)

So its totally awesome when you think you've run out of stuff to listen to and are suddenly hit with DMX.