Sunday, April 25, 2010

Detaching from Work

I'm thrilled to report I won't be completing this month's goals specifically the one about finding employment. Don't get me wrong - I'm a good employee. I show up, work a lot, hardly gossip and think up new ways to expedite tasks.

However, I hate commuting. Like everyone else reading this blog I'd rather enjoy hobbies, dwaddle at stores and sleep in than get up and face rush hour. This is why I always moved closer to jobs and would prefer making minimum wage across the street than five times as much elsewhere. It also makes me the ideal candidate to work from home.

Unclutterer.Com has an interesting article called Job satisfaction: A study in favor of an uncluttered, detached career." Here's a cool summary:

"...the people of Wales tend to care about things beyond what they do for a job. Their working conditions are fine, they make enough to meet their needs, and their passions lie elsewhere. They are attached to their jobs only in the sense that they are glad that they have them."

Maybe that's why I'm laid back - I have always regarded my jobs as means of making money. Even when working with people who were defined by their roles as employees, I was unaffected. Sure, they could call and chatter about work or plan the next day after I was home but once I hung up I just stopped thinking about work.

My mind is a commodity and unless I'm being serving in my role as an employee, I'm just not going to think about it. There are more important things to consider - like my adoration for Staples.


Della said...

If I had a job (which I don't- sadly) I would probably think about it when I needed to buy something. I'm notorious for not paying attention to important things!

Haha, Staples? That's great!