Sunday, April 4, 2010

Covet Alert: Canon

There once was a girl
named Anny who loved Canon
so she bought their stuff

English Major Baby ;)

I love Canon products. They're dependable, well made and affordable. This sweet little camera is my current object of lust and only costs $250. Even better - Staples carries it and they LOVE having sales on EVERYTHING! So at some point this summer I will craigslist my old Kodak (I know its dinky but it was really cheap at Staples) and upgrade to this beauty.

It has face, wink and smile technology - so you can set the camera to start its automatic photo timer once a person jumps into the picture or your surly teen shows off those pearly whites your orthodontist funded his vacation with.


Kate said...

I have this camera! It's great! I haven't had a lot of time to use it yet, but I really like the photos I've taken with it so far!

Della said...

BUY IT! My mom has one in blue and it's pretty sweet. Great value!