Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Confession of a Non-Minimalist

I'd always assumed I was a minimalist.

Until this place I was a perpetual room renter or leecher of former roomy's fully furnished apartments. When dealing with such tiny spaces minimalism was key. White malm furniture and sparse surfaces were the rule.

"Only display what is useful or you love," was definitely my mantra.

Then I moved in with a roomy who doesn't buy home decor and gave me free leave to decorate. I didn't go as far as Lauren (sidenote but did you know her roomy is a GUY!? amidst all that pink!? she needs to marry him or be his hag for LIFE) because my roomy prefers understated, traditional decor.

Yet I still lost my way.

I bought a bunch of understated pieces and proceeded to glue beads, paint them silver or stencil all over them. I know every room should have a focal point or an unexpected element but it seems like everything I do lately could be a focal point.

It came to a head last night around 3am (I keep strange hours). I was looking at a wall of pictures I'd hung earlier and the ridiculousness of it hit me. Individually all the elements were understated and devoid of a strong personality. Stick them together and your eye doesn't know where to rest. I aimed my friend in duress and got called a "strange young lady" which doesn't help.

This is a lot of blathering. My roomy will be home soon and we'll probably swap out a picture to eliminate clutter on that wall. In the meantime I've started putting away some accessories. They say when a woman thinks she is fully dressed she should remove two pieces of jewelry AND THEN leave the house.

Perhaps the same applies to rooms.

Oh and insult to injury: I am rooting for Kara from Long Beach to win the Small Division of Apartment Therapy's annual contest. Look at those bare shelves and small picture frames! Not even the idea of less dusting could motivate me into such a lovely home :(


Chandrika Shubham said...

Awesome pics with cool read! :)
I liked the cat sitting on the sofa. :)