Friday, April 9, 2010

Comcast Gives me Warm Fuzzies, Saves me $15 a month

Do you guys see that greeting by Candido at Comcast? My business is valued like a DIAMOND. Not a cubic zicornia or piece of glass - a diamond!

When we signed up internet was $20/month for six months. Unfortunately that bumped up to $50 a couple of months ago. Through the miracle of on-line chat I was able to negotiate it back down to $35/month for six months. That will save $90 plus a bit in taxes.

If you've been a loyal cable or cellphone customer its worth checking in every once in a while to see if they will knock a few dollars off your bill. We haven't been with Comcast for a year and they were still very accomodating.

You can even do it in a separate tab while playing VW. *cough*


Mandi said...

Ok tell me more how you did this! I've been sitting here for weeks utterly pissed off at Comcast for hiking our internet bill to $60 freaking dollars a month. Exactly how did you do this?