Thursday, April 22, 2010

Braces - A walk down memory lane (aka yesterday)

Mandi asked for bracetastic pictures yesterday so here goes:

This horrible, horrible picture is the reason I got braces. A friend and I were at the Ennis House, AKA the Mansion from BtVS. I was excited enough to be in a few pictures and this was the worst one. I am not drunk, its just a horrible picture now immortalized on the internet.

It was taken on November 1, 2008. I came back to Jersey and got braces 10 days later ;) I also dyed my hair black again.

After that I don't seem to have any pictures until Christmas 2009. I was a braces veteran by then! See how wide and gummy my smile is? Wearing braces meant inner cheeks constantly rubbing on wire and brackets. So its either Smile Big and keep the gums off the braces or Look Amused with lips barely parted or even closed. Carrying a cute baby in a silly hat also distracts from braces.

Here I am in a seldom seen straightforward shot. See how the braces are yellowish? There were Doritos at this party. Also see how sweaty yet happy I am? There were children at this party and I enjoy playing with them more than touching up my makeup.

I had the ceramic braces but as you can see the bands still turn yellow (worst culprits: doritos, tea and pizza). The silver wire is also pretty evident, regardless of how "bone colored" everything else is. The braces also plumped up my upper lip, giving me a more even mouth. I'll have to really, really dig to find a picture of myself pre-braces that isn't artistically blurred (we may need to go back to high school yearbooks). My lower lip was always fuller due to the overbite and I'm hoping the retainer will be enough of an annoyance that my body will decide to just keep the even mouth.


Della said...

You are a trooper for putting up with braces- I hate things in my mouth and I abhor dentists (even though I've had the same dentist since I was born and he's fantastic.)

Mandi said...

Thanks girl! You look great! Are you glad to have 'em off now?