Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where Vampires go to (virtually and temporarily) DIE

I'm part of the Saucy Dwellings community over on LJ and this week they're asking people to show off their computer areas. I've been a member for over five years and this will be my first time posting anything but general gushing over someone else's stuff :)

Our office was originally a porch so the angle to the right is kind of weird. Immediately to the right is the lamp from that project last summer. All the way in the back is my punching bag which managed to be barely seen. I should take another picture because no one believes I own a punching bag.

Right in front as you walk in is the rest of the tiffany trifecta. We store shared bills and communal knick knacks in the cabinet. Also seen is my darling Ooma which I really need to review.

Standing directly behind my work area. I got that filing cabinet/printer stand for $5 at a garage sale last summer and its perfect except the bottom drawer always slides a few inches open. That's fine because my coupon binder is in there so I'm in and out of the drawer all day. I can even see it peeking out now :D

I love having a glass desk and can't imagine going back to any other type of material. Its so easy to clean, doesn't scratch and dissipates heat from my laptop effectively. This was one of my top purchases last year. *emphatic nod*

And yes - the office could use real curtains but its a rental, only we go in here and I'm lazy :)


Kendall said...

Anny! You are right; you really need to post more about your decorating. I love the little turquoise furniture piece, the lamp and your ART. I love your little workspace!