Sunday, March 7, 2010

Walgreens has me Harvesting Failure

Last week my roomate noticed a yellow container of dirt sitting on a windowsill.

"What are you growing?" she asked with the curiosity of someone untainted by Walgreens marketing

"Failure and possibly mold." I responded

I bought five packets of seeds two weeks ago during their 5 packets for $1 sale. I made sure the expiration dates were fine (12/2010) and carefully followed the instructions (place individual seeds 3-4 inches apart). I planted, I waterred, I sunned...I may have even hummed with visions of fresh grown herbs dancing in my head.

Then Nothing

Fearing the worst I looked at the remaining seeds in the packet. They did look rather...brown but I'd never grown cilantro and seeds are all different colors right? I rolled one between my index finger and thumb and it popped open to reveal what looked like dirt inside. Not good.

Ever the optimist, I planted some more of the seeds and set about waterring and sunning. Nothing. So a few days later I dumped the rest of the seeds into the soil, plopped dirt on it and watched again.

Still. Nothing.

You win this time Walgreens.


Patti said...

Its nice to hear that I am not the only blogger without a green thumb!! Thanks for visiting Pandora's box...I always enjoy your comments