Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time to Recap March

March just flew by me! So let's see how I did this month:

1. Become a Featured Shopper at For the Mommas. Didn't happen but I'm ok with that. Halfway through the month I realized this was pure ego and stopped submitting crap to the blog ;)

2. Bikram on Mondays. And only Mondays. I did ok with this - I missed due to girly issues but otherwise ok.

3. Attempt a new recipe at least twice a week. Success times like how many times ;)

4. Make some CASH. Did this but sadly will need a real job next month. Its either that or hit up the emergency fund and I'm not doing that!

5. Learn and Enjoy in Cooking Class! wo0ot! I have so much more confidence in the kitchen now. I'm attempting all kinds of recipes and they're mostly coming out well...except the lamb expirement. I won't discuss that one.