Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is how to Stockpile

Maybe stockpiling Betty Crocker items will become a yearly "March Thing to Do." Last year I partook (making up words is fun!) in Shoprite's "Spend $50, Get $25" deal. This week I went over to ACME for the "Spend $20, get $7" deal. Clearly last year was better ;)

Total before Coupons: $20.35
Total after Coupons: $13.65
PLUS a $7 coupon off my next order

The cheapest way to do this deal is to buy $20 worth of cookies or cake mixes but I just wouldn't eat all of them. Soup is a lot pricier but its winter and I enjoy snacking.

Click here for direct links to printable coupons on all of these items.