Monday, March 22, 2010

Review: Betty Crocker Coconut Pecan Frosting. Synopsis: Yum!

I joined an on-line baking community recently so spend a lot of time looking at food pr0n. Someone mentioned this "frosting" and I was sold. Its ridiculously delicious and even smelling it necessitates exercise ;) This frosting would be awesome between cake layers.

Sure its 1am but my sleep patterns are currently awful and who doesn't love cake? Yesterday's strawberry apple crumb is yummy but I was craving something extra sweet.

I found these silicone cupcake holders in my cupboard and popped them in for "tiding me over until cake time." I don't know if I'm supposed to use the cupcake liners I don't own or if these are meant as serving items rather than baking. Either way I doubt I'll bake in them again.

Isn't this darling? It looks like a real food blogger's presentation :D

These guys are waiting for tomorrow. Unfrosted cupcakes are enough for me at this hour!

I also found the blog The World According to Lawgirl, which is an awesome site I can't fully enjoy right now due to sleepiness/sugar crash. Tomorrow I lurk!


Lawgirl said...

Awww, thanks lady!! :D