Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Missing Wallet Edition

On Thursday I forgot my wallet at a friend's house. For the next two days I was unwilling to drive (I'm extremely law abiding), without credit or cash beyond the spare change in my car and therefor grounded to my house. To add insult to injury my roomy was out of town so I couldn't even pinch cash off her.

These are the things I did to try and maintain my sanity:

1. Made a corkboard. Including sanding and painting a frame
2. Made a pillow. Sewn by hand out of an old t-shirt
3. Baked a strawberry apple crumb. From scratch with measuring cups!
4. Went through every magazine I've ignored for months
5. Downloaded and watched House
6. Planted flower seeds
7. Took down St. Patty's and winter decor
8. Set out holiday peeps and summer lamp
9. Craigslisted old iPod, listed some other stuff that didn't sell
10. Exhausted Vampire Wars
11. Caught up on podcasts while bleaching the kitchen
12. After 5 years posted a picture to Saucy Dwellings
13. Photograph random house stuff I mean to blog one day
14. Resize vacation pictures from LAST year

In order to keep myself ever falling into this insanity EVER again I need to:

1. Never forget my wallet again. Barring that:
2. Make a copy of license and keep in house. I have a copy in my safety deposit box...a few towns over
3. Remove library card from wallet
4. Keep cash in the house (just kidding in case any of you are burglars)
5. Request a spare credit card and also keep in house (still kidding burglars)

I never take my car for granted and during my travels last year constantly missed it. Its ridiculous how much of everyday life can't happen without it. I can't go to meetings, visit family, garage sale, shop or even bikram without driving! Well, I could have walked to bikram but would have probably died on the way back. Also cash - I never keep it on hand which I now see is foolhardy. I'm lucky this was the first time in 31 years that I found myself completely without cash. Alas I'm unlucky that my town is so dull and not worth walking around when carless. *sigh*


Mandi said...

Girl you are productive! Nice list. Let's see those finished projects.

Lawgirl said...

Isn't it funny, though, how much you can accomplish when you are forced to stay home? I think it's great that you did all of that!!

And wow, you are law-abiding! We have 24 hours to show a license if we get caught without one.

Della said...

That stinks- but at least you did so much! I probably would have wasted my time (like I do so much!)