Sunday, March 28, 2010

Looking for PathMark Valued Customer 45604259797

You: Buying 8 cans of Dole Pinapples, 4 boxes of Quaker Rice Cakes

Me: Right behind you in the self-service area with Sunday paper

You: Using 8 doubling coupons, paying $1.92

Me: Finding your receipt in the machine after you'd already gone, noting you saved $1390 this year while I've only saved $1190.

Lets meet up with our coupon binders and become PathMark best shopping buddies for life! This store is well stocked and I never see other people stockpiling random crap. PLUS I didn't realize there was a Dole OR Quaker deal going on this week so clearly I have much to learn!

I won't even hold it against you that you paid cash - but cash? Really? Why wouldn't you pay with a rewards card for extra points?

Clearly we have much to discuss.


Mandi said...

Girl you rock! I need to do this too.