Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inspiration Thursday: The look at that CEILING edition

I haven't done one of these in a while. Renting with the uncertainty of a lease renewal tends to suck design right out of me.

Look at this ceiling and tell me this picture doesn't need to be saved somewhere!? I can barely trace unto a canvas, forget applying anything (even a decal) to a ceiling!

I like minimalism. Even though the seating doesn't lend itself to company how decadent is owning one chaise and angling it for Sloth Tv Watching? This is a home I would love to relax in. Plus I think everything in this place came from Ikea, which means patience and craigslist could easily replicate this look - with a Cindy Crawford chaise thrown in to seal the deal *wistful look*

Top right corner - see it? Its that quintessential "is it two women or a vase?" picture!

If I own two doors like that one day I am going to paint an illusion on it too. *resolve face*

I like maps and corkboard and modularity (is that a word? cause it should be) so this is a Win for me.

I think this one is a dorm. While I dislike the "hippieness" of the decor I love that large plant and posable wooden man on the desk. I've always, always wanted one of those statues.

The plant is a clever way of separating work from sleep and would just as nicely in a studio apartment. Who says a pretty view should only be enjoyed from the desk or the bed?


SR@MyStyle said...

Great pictures, very inspirational! Hope you're having a good week!

Sue said...

Cool shots. I would love any of those rooms. Espec. the last one - it looks cozy.