Saturday, March 27, 2010

If only my iPod had a pouch for snacks...

I love torrents. That's right I said it.

However, college was a long time ago and sitting in a computer chair watching a monitor for more than the length of an Office episode is a lousy idea. So here's what I do:

1. Only download torrents that say dvd rip in the title
2. Bought an iPod to tv cable. There are fancier ones with chargers bundled but those are way pricier
3. Convert downloaded video with Videora (so it will play on iPod)

In order to connect iPod to tv so you can view files on the tv:

1. Connect cable
2. On iPod go under Video, then Video Settings, then TV Out
3. Select On

That's all you need to do in order to get the video on your iPod to play on your tv instead. Technically, the only thing you need is the cable (which connects through the headphone jack) to the tv (using the same 3 ports dvd and vcrs used back in the day - red, yellow, white). If you've ever connected a dvd player to a tv you can do this.

Torrents is a way to download video, audio, etc from the internet. DVD-rip in the title means someone converted the dvd (high quality format) to a format that will play on your computer. Videora converts that file so it will play on your iPod.

Its a lot simpler to do than explain and once you do it once you'll be sold on the convinience of it all :D


Alicia said...

I'll be honest. I don't understand a word of what you wrote up there. But I do recognize the words Torrent, DVD, IPod and TV...which leads me to believe that my son would really be interested in this post. I'm passing it on! Thanks.