Saturday, March 13, 2010

If I were to have a Firefly party...

Dear Joss,

It turns out we love your Firefly verse show so much that some folk are still having Firefly'esquian celebrations!

Look at these awesome suggestions the internet provided for such a shindig:

- Browncoat Cookies
- Dinosaur Cookies
- Gummi Bugs (I swallowed a bug)
- Wife Soup
- Apples
- Ice Planet (instructions here)
- conversely: Cotton Candy Balls on string or Popcorn Balls on string

Not that I am planning to host such an event, especially without you in attendance. You wouldn't be in attendance right? Cause an event could be hosted if you were to attend.

Yours in Food pr0n,

I found the above picture on a blog where the girl made Fruity Oaty ringtones! The internet does love you :)