Friday, March 19, 2010

Help, I lost a Bookmark! Never mind, crisis OV4R

Macy over at Me Oh My knew what site I was talking about: Everyone should visit both of these chicas.

The Resolved Dilemma:
The site is called "the best of your before and afters" and every day the funny bloggess posts two pictures of people's projects - one in pre-paint craptastic condition and one shinily new.

As an aside - have you ever googled "best of your before and afters?" Its not pretty - a lot of breast augmentation crap and nothing on refinishing furniture. Color me disgruntled.


Anonymous said...

be happy that it's one of my favs too! :]

Alicia said...

Lucky you Anny, you got the answer with the first comment. I laughed at your comment about not searching under the term before and after...I can just imagine. Thanks for the warning.