Tuesday, March 16, 2010

for tomorrow I Bake!

I also have an ortho appointment where my braces may come off. I'm not excited because for the last two months they have been in "to remove or not to remove" limbo. Yes, the extremely boring limbo.

In the Opposite of Boring News, look at what I got in the mail today!!! I made apple crisp in cooking class last week and was impressed by the apple corer and recipe. I'd never used one of these peelers before so it seemed like a handy thing to own (sorry knives).

I ordered from Amazon yesterday around 3PM and the box arrived within 24 hours! How sick is that!? It would have taken me longer to decide where to shop. In even BETTER news, I'd finally made enough swagbucks to pay for these two things.

Now I'm saving for a zester ;)


Anonymous said...

I frakkin LOVE those carrot peelers! Have fun with it!

Anny said...

I can peel CARROTS with it too!? This thing just keeps getting cooler :D

QL girl said...

oh man, you should've gotten a zester first! I am IN LOVE with mine. (Did you know you can "zest" garlic?! Oh, it's dreamy....)

Before I had a peeler I attempted to peel apples with a knife. It resulted in a few puncture wounds, lol. Peelers are definitely a must have if you have sharp knives, but not proportional coordination.

Oh, back to my love affair with the zester....I found out that the (supposed) proper way to use one is to turn it upside down (the channel on top, the zesting part down) and zest the stuff that way, so that the shavings don't end up every where. Well, be careful when you do that....I zested my hand and that hurt WAY MORE than the knife cuts from my peeling!