Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Easiest Way to Coupon - No Clipping or tracking Needed!

Two of my favorite grocery stores (PathMark and Shoprite) are providing digital coupons that can be loaded right to your rewards card from the computer! When you go in-store the item is scanned and the coupon is immediately deducted.

Just visit the website, enter your rewards card number and click on which coupons you want saved to your account. Most coupons expire after one month.

PathMark's program is called PathMark Online Advantage and ShopRite is part of Cellfire.Com. Cellfire is also partnered with a bunch of other stores I don't frequent/have locally so check out the list.

Of course, the *BEST* part of these internet coupons is that you can still combine real coupons with these virtual ones!

For example: last month I fell in love with the health quotient and ease of Egg Beaters. They are normally $2.99 at PathMark and I had .50 coupons. PathMark doubles coupons that are either printed or cut out of the paper (not the digital ones on your card) so the .50 coupon actually took off a dollar. There was a virtual $1 coupon so I spent all month buying $1 egg beaters. I was very happy :)