Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cirque Tickets 75% Off!

I am so glad I didn't work today! Cirque just e-mailed with a 75% discount on tickets to their upcoming show Ovo! My roomy and I were discussing going earlier this week and I am so glad we didn't book them at the $69 (for the CHEAP seats) price! Click here to reserve your tickets!

Seating is limited and depending on the level of discount the dates are limited as well:

7 days: 75% – Thursday, March 25, ‘til Friday, March 26 12:59 pm (tickets for as little as $13.75!)
6 days: 60% – Friday 1:00 pm 'til Saturday 12:59 pm
5 days: 50% – Saturday 1:00 pm 'til Sunday 12:59 pm
4 days: 40% – Sunday 1:00 pm 'til Monday 12:59 pm
3 days: 30% – Monday 1:00 pm 'til Tuesday 12:59 pm
2 days: 20% – Tuesday 1:00 pm 'til Wednesday 12:59 pm
1 day: 15% – Wednesday 1:00 pm 'til Thursday, April 1, 12:59 pm

This show is being held at Randall's Island, which is my all-time favorite Cirque venue. They set up their own tent so are not limited by a building's size (which happened when I saw them in Newark last year). See that picture? That's us walking to the tents where the show was being held.



Mandi said...

Soo jealous! My sister in law went to Mystique in Vegas recently and looooved it.

(P.S. am I on my computer a lot today? Hmm)