Tuesday, March 9, 2010

$3 Barbie and Pledge Freebie

Superstar Barbie is $3 at Amazon. This is an awesome price for an EasterBasket/Christmas/Birthday/Donation gift. Also, I may spend too much time on baking blogs but she looks like she would match a lot of spring theme baking shenanigans.

So I went to Barbie's blog (I wish you'd stop judging me) and she explains "To celebrate my birthday on March 9th, from today ‘til March 13th, I’ll be debuting once again as a SuperStar for one week only in stores for a special $3." So if you don't want to order from Amazon most toystores have her for the same $3 (plus gas spent and tax).

Look at the difference in Barbie's dress and makeup from the last time she was a Superstar. Aging isn't sedating this scamp one bit! Click here to visit "Barbie's Blog" and risk being laughed at by anyone walking by.

On the other side of the internet you can sign up for a Pledge Spring Cleaning pack with full sized cleaning products. Click here, only 10,000 of these will be given away and there are way more people than that on the internet!


Della said...

Haha, I just found my childhood Barbies- I forgot how many clothes I had for them. :) Hmmm. My nieces' birthdays are coming up, maybe they would like a Barbie!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I think Barbie was cuter in the 80s. My mom bought one for my little one the other day and it totally looks like a hooker. :s

Tina said...

I tried going to amazon, but the $5+ shipping kind of killed it. I'll have to check it out at walmart and target tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up

Mandi said...

We are sooo destined to be friends 'cause I love the "I wish you'd quit judgine me" phrase. I totally laughed out loud. I love me some "judging" phrases.

So the um mudroom "feet"-- I cut it with the machine using some vinyl.

Wendy said...

I couldnt find that darn doll!

Thanks for the belated birthday wishes!