Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time Sink - The Snow Edition

Bikram was cancelled due to snow but the director sent us this lovely message in the cancellation e-mail:

"In the meantime, I invite you to pause for a moment to connect with the atmospheric quiet that descends upon us with the arrival of the snow. Even in the middle of shoveling, trudging, altering plans, and taking care of all the other unexpected duties that a snowstorm can bring, there is a great access to peacefulness afforded by these snowfalls if we can but stay close to the quieting of the world around us. Even when we can't get to the studio to practice aligning through postures, the practice of aligning with peace is always available. May this day be a great day of practice for us all-"

Isn't that a wonderful thought: "the practice of aligning with peace is always available"

I've been having a slothtastic day. I overslept, overate and overread. Now I'm going through some time sink links with the expectation of overlaughing :)

If Murdered - If you die, make sure you have a voice is their tagline. This site is full of ridiculousness like "If murdered, take my body skydiving. I've always wanted to go but am too scared. Then put on my tombstone, "Loved Skydiving."

Probably Bad News - The tagline here is "News Fails, because journalism isn't dying fast enough" Just in case the above story comes true again this year, steer clear of the fuzz in two weeks.

Veronica Mars Movie Needs Financier - Anyone besides FOX send this guy money. Logan needs to get on screen!


~ RM said...

That's too funny!!
Thanks for the love regarding my sushi~ it was so yummy!! I will drop in again soon, take care and good luck battling the snow! :)

Shellbelle said...

That is a lovely message from your director. Even though I'm not dealing with snow, I still need to align with peace under the gray sky and chilly temps that are keeping me away from my beloved beach!