Thursday, February 25, 2010

RunPee.Com - Doing exactly what it says since 2009

According to the ENTIRE country has been paralyzed by cold. Rumor has it even folks in North Dakota are breaking out the hot chocolate and dvds.

Of course the best part of dvd watching is being able to pause for snacks, bathroom breaks and to make sure your car hasn't been dragged away by a fiesty snowplow. But what's a girl to do when she needs a break at the movies? (We've all seen Lord of the Rings...and its sequels so you guys know exactly what I mean.)

Luckily the internet has a solution - RunPee.Com! Its creators have conviniently listed the best times to skip out and tend to life's necessities without missing anything critical from your $10 experience. They even have little blurbs explaining what you were missing while af-big-screen

If this service had been around in LOtR days I could have had way more nachos and way less Meaningful Sam Looks to contend with!

Not that I'm bitter...much


QL girl said...

had to laugh at your mention of "Meaningful Sam Looks"