Monday, February 22, 2010

Renuzit Crystal Elements Follow-Up Review

Renuzit Crystal ElementsI bought my Renuzit Crystals way back in August, set them up in the bathroom and promptly forgot they existed.

I know they are meant to be replaced every 45 days but its been months and it still smells! Sure, the smell doesn't permeate the apartment like it did in the wee days of autumn '09 but its a pleasant morning scent while I brush my teeth.

Ironically I wasn't planning on replacing the crystals yet until I compared the "before pictures with that one up top. Sure the current crystals aren't so bad - a dusky, chalky sea green is perfectly acceptable until I remembered the vibrant, gel-like color of yesteryear.

I forgot where I saved this picture from during the holidays but the person made tiny little hostess gifts using the refills. What a frugal, cute, unregiftable idea!


Audra said...

I love this stuff! It's perfect for my teenagers bathroom and the laundry room where I have to keep the kitty box. I have had mine for three months, guess I could be getting more out of it if I changed the crystals. I did put a few drops of esential oil in there a couple of days ago to see if that would freshen the scent....It did, it worked! How super frugal is that?

I would definitely love to have the refills, will be on the look out for them.

btw...look for any granny's sales, estate sales and sales with stuff in boxes. I seem to have more luck finding apothecary jars in these places.