Friday, February 5, 2010

STOP! Its Bikram Time! *holds pose*

Remember that calm I felt last fall when my body just gave up and forced my mind to slow down? I'd been progressively losing that peace until bikram.

Today I was so tense I ended up leaving work early and catching a bikram session. Its not as drastic as it sounds - we're expecting a tremendous snowfall so I'd gone in early to get my work done and not have to drive home in the snow.

The instructor was such a JOY! I've only worked with two people before - the guy who runs the studio is super mellow and .... nice? When he teaches I feel relaxed, happy and as if I were actualizing. Then there is a much sterner instructor that my schedule has forced me to work with a few times. She loves correcting and is kind of "drill sergeantry" in her teaching. I'm a wee yogi so you know I get corrected A LOT! I love direction and anything that will improve my form but she can be kind of bossy and will have the class hold a pose longer while correcting one person. I think once I'm physically stronger I will appreciate her direction a lot more.

Today I worked with the girl who normally teaches the 6:30am class and she was bubbly, pleasant and incredibly sweet. When I was leaving class (floating out of there actually) she pulled me aside to talk about my backward bending. She asked if I was experiencing neck pain because of the way I'm bending. I wasn't feeling shoulder pain but while in the backward bending poses my back hurts A LOT! I keep forgetting I have scoliosis so I need to slow down or just skip certain poses until (hopefully) my back becomes more used to bikram. She said it looks like I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders which had me internally gaping.

Unfortunately she's leaving for Texas for three months or I would have considered going to her 6:30am class. She was just such a joy to be in the studio with!

After bikram my day got progressively calmer - my friend is coming by to play with my Super Mario Brothers Wii (I suck at it, but laughing is half the fun) and weather permitting I have a meeting at 7 which I hope will help uncloud my head more.

The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress,
is the easiest type of existence.

- Norman Vincent Peale


Amber said...

Love this piece right from the beginning "Ive been progressively losing that peace until Bikram". You have days that seem to progress stress and the tensions rise and then you walk into the studio and you feel liberated from all the outside world and your excited just to concentrate on what is going on right at that moment. I love the Norman Beale quote at the end, beautiful finishing touch.