Friday, February 12, 2010

If your knee bends, You've already lost the pose

Conversely if your mind shifts, you've already lost your equilibrium.

I've been going through some personal stuff and all the emotional angst that comes with mental growth. Through it all I've tried to maintain the calmness of mind that I try to bring to my body in bikram.

And you know what?

Most of the advice I hear in class could solve my life's problems if I could train my mind to follow it.

Today I realized I wasn't hearing my name as often in class. The first week or two my name was being called out almost ten times a class to correct my posture, my hold or even my breathing! I initially attributed my newfound anonymity to muscle memory and knowing what a pose should look like but today I realized I am aware of what a pose feels like. When I hold a pose I mentally travel my body seeking out points of stress or unsteadiness. Amazingly, I am understanding how to release those pains and re-adjust my body into a painfree, truer manifestation of each pose.

Isn't that true of mental positions as well? How lovely would it be if we were so aware of our minds that we would immediately pinpoint the cause of mental or spiritual pain and know how to release it? Pain doesn't have to be transferred from one portion of our lives to another (work angst invading the home), it could just be released.

Our instructor sometimes reminds us that everything we need is within us as we lay in final savasanna. We are removed of excess as we lay sans electronics, decorative elements or titles. Its just us laying inside a warm, nurturing room in basic clothing and feeling our breath sustain our bodies.

And I think this entry explains my love of bikram more than any other - not only is my mind engaged in meditation, my body is warm and the exercise has the added benefit of making my body healthier.

I'm officially a convert :)


Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Finding our inner control is a lofty goal for me...but you're right about listening to our bodies!!! Such a thought provoking post...thanks