Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I wish for Misandry - end up with Nicki Minaj

Now, despite the persona this blog puts out I am not a bling, rims and haters kinda blogger. As much as I love rap, quoting lyrics in my Away Message tends to bring more mockery than respect.

So I spent the past few years wishing for a return of someone like Lil Kim - someone kinda innocent/kinda dirty and all about sexually charged lyrics from a woman's point of view. (Yes, I also took time out to wish for world peace and cake. I have priorities.)

Then Nicki Minaj showed up on Bedrock and I was thrilled! "He's pressing me like buttons on a Friday night" was my away message for DAYS! Yes, Days!!!

But despite my initial elation I don't like the direction her music takes. I love her voice and flow but all of it seems to be couched inside lyrics by famous rappers. This is great for her career - not so great for my (admittedly small) feminist side.

I'm so used to filthy male lyrics that when a woman comes in halfway through a song and talks about her love of sex my reaction is "Oh you poor girl, he's just using you NOT the other way around!" My objection isn't to her content - its to the men on the tracks.

So I say Misandry without Misanthropy in 2010! Oh and here's a Kim/Nicki photo comparison that is not safe for work but amused me.