Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home as the Second Skin

Amazing Quote:
"In my work as a teacher and interior designer over nearly fifteen years, I've seen that the importance of the home in our lives has only increased. I used to think of home as the place where we cook, eat and sleep. I now understand it as a force that shapes our daily lives. More than just a physical shelter, the home is both a second skin that protects us from the world outside and an emotional center that nourishes us and supports our innermost dreams.

By taking care of your home, you are taking care of yourself. A healthy home will nurture and support you. Although professional psychotherapy can take years to bring about change, improving your home has an instant therapeutic effect. No matter how big or small, the changes make a resounding difference in the way you think and feel about yourself.

This quote is from Apartment Therapy Presents: Real Homes, Real People, Hundreds of Design Solutions and the above picture is my favorite apartment.

Anyone who can relate to the above quote should pick this book up. It interviews the owners of incredible homes ranging from an eclectic round house with a courtyard in its center to funky lofts decorated with junk store finds. That furniture set up there was found by a bachelor in someone's backyard in Seattle *insert wistful sigh* and shipped back home to be reupholstered and restored.

That's more than random shopping - it's investing in an item that will feed his soul. :)

Marlon from the above picture is no longer a bachelor! According to ApartmentTherapy.Com he's moved in with his boyfriend and taken all that gorgeous furniture with him. Check out how they resolved the "What to Watch" dilemma with "His and His" side by side televisions! I dig the original apartment's wall color more (but am glad they didn't go for the retro lime green look.). At least we'll always have the above scan, Internet. That and our wonder at these suspended roses. I feel the need to find an uber tall, flat sided vase.

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By taking care of your home, you are taking care of yourself. A healthy home will nurture and support you

I'm just figuring that out... after all these years...