Thursday, February 18, 2010

Facebook Users Fail at Logging In

A call-in topic on the radio the other night was "Should your parents and grandparents be on Facebook?" All the callers claimed to be parents so obviously the answer was YES!

After reading about the following mess - I'm starting to think the answer may be "Nyehhhh....maybe not unsupervised" (unless of course, you run a blog or have some other type of internet literacy credentials)

Read Write Web had a charming little article last week on the Facebook/Aim integration that automatically transfers your FB buddies unto your AIM buddy list. They very cutely named the article "Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login" spoofing OTP (one true pairing) and confusing thousands on Facebook users.

Apparently people are getting to FB by typing "facebook login" into Google's search engine. This must have worked for the past few years because all of a sudden RWW was visited by distraught FB users who "didn't like the new format" and "couldn't find their accounts". These aren't casual users leaving anonymous comments - these are users irate enough to REGISTER as RWW members in order to comment!

RWW tried to resolve the issue by linking to the real FB and suggesting users bookmark the site, to no avail. How is this misinterpreted?

"Dear visitors from Google. This site is not Facebook. This is a website called ReadWriteWeb that reports on news about Facebook and other Internet services. You can however click here and become a Fan of ReadWriteWeb on Facebook, to receive our updates and learn more about the Internet. To access Facebook right now, click here. For future reference, type "" into your browser address bar or enter "facebook" into Google and click on the first result. We recommend that you then save Facebook as a bookmark in your browser."

This is their follow-up to the story, where they suggest programmers not forget the majority of FB users aren't that tech savvy to begin with.

FB has nothing to worry aboout. The downfall of MySpace and Friendster came from a younger, more fickle crowd shifting allegiance. The older folk are never leaving FB - if they can find it ;)


Della said...

:) I think parents shouldn't be- because I ignored my parents requests. They can read my blog!

Except I just deactivated my account because creepy people I don't want to know friended me. said...

ummm, I'm a mom, a 50 something... I was on fb a LONG time before my daughter would let me be her friend. She accepted a friend request from an older second cousin and felt so bad about it, that she sent me a friend request! I haven't been able to hook up with any old friends on fb, but I like keeping up with family and friends!
thanks for commenting on my blog! :)