Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coupon Play

This post is a blatant attempt to become a Featured Shopper at For The Mommas. The following shopping took place at Shoprite and took an hour and five minutes.

This week, buy 5 Pompeian vinegars or cooking wines and get a $5 coupon plus free shopping bag off your next order. They are all $1.25 but my store was wiped of cooking wines by the time I got there.
Total Paid out of Pocket: $6.20

Step 2 required coupons. Buy 5 lysol products ($2 each) and get a $5 coupon off your next order plus another free bag. I bought 4 sprays and 2 toilet bowl cleaners. I wanted the floor cleaners but those were sold out already. Coupons used: $1 off each item, plus $5 coupon from order #1, plus free bag coupon from #1
Total Paid out of Pocket: $1.16

Order #3 took the most amount of time because I was matching up a lot of different coupons and hunting around the store for stuff. I used my previous $5 coupon and coupon for a free bag plus 6 other coupons. My receipt says I purchased 9 items and used 8 coupons.
Total Paid out of Pocket: $3.70 plus I will submit for a $5 rebate

The Jennie-O Ground Turkey in the last picture was $6.49 and there is a printable $5 mail in rebate off any Jennie-O item here. There were plenty of sausages and patties that were less than $5 but I want to make lasagna soon and this stuff is perfect for it! Sometimes the best deal just isn't the best match for your lifestyle :)

So total paid: $11.06
Minus $5 rebate: $6.06

Now wish me luck on becoming a featured shopper!