Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bikram - Trying not to Let Go

I've been practicing bikram for slightly over a month and I've been debating my future with it all week. I love bikram. I love the heat, the minimalism in movement, thought and even clothing. I enjoy the other people practicing and gain so much spiritually from just listening.

Earlier this week I decided to cut down my class participation to twice a week. As I mentioned yesterday, I am losing weight and even though the Wii Fit says I only lost 1.5 pounds I am physically smaller. The fat must be converting to muscle at a similar ratio because I wore size 2 jeans yesterday. Size 2 is ridiculous for me.

So today I cheated on Bikram (not the founder, the practice). The local Y is having an open house so I went by to check out their practice rooms. I've taken group classes at gyms before and its always sucked. Invariably you're in a huge, bright room surrounded by windows with people watching as they work on different machines.

No thanks!

This Y offers yoga, tai-chi, meditation and a few other low impact classes in two different rooms. One of the rooms is long and narrow with light colored wood floors and plenty of natural light coming in through huge windows. A yoga class was in session when I peered in and I could definitely see myself contorting away. It will be a drastic change from my heavily mirrored bikram studio but burning 20 calories in regular yoga is preferable to the 800 in bikram. The tai-chi/meditation room had dark grey floors and white walls with fabulous molding. I've never tried tai-chi and look forward to seeing how my mind reacts to meditation in 2010.

There are also two large pools and swim classes. I'm a lousy swimmer but love being in water. They offer water aquatic classes which I'm curious about too.

So for now I am going to give up bikram but if my peace of mind and positivity fall apart I'll go back. I hear there are wonderful recipes featuring fried lard on the internet ;)


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