Thursday, January 7, 2010

VIBE does Chris Brown dirty

So here's the scoop on VIBE's recent Chris Brown cover debacle.

VIBE stopped publishing sometime last year but came back in December 09. Apparently they approached Chris Brown and told him they wanted to publish a "rebirth" issue.

The rebirth of VIBE + the rebirth of Chris Brown = OTP was the pitch

Things hadn't been going so well for the girlfriend abuser so Chris Brown agreed to his first interview since he sent ex-girlfriend Rihanna to the emergency room.

Then VIBE did him just as dirty.

The guy showed up wearing a plain black shirt and VIBE typed R U STILL DOWN across the front of his shirt. On first glance it looks like a shirt that CB was wearing.

Couple the shirt with his contrite expression and I wondered if he was finally ready to feel bad for what he did to poor Rihanna and acknowledge the negative, (hopefully) long lasting affect it would have on his career.

It turns out VIBE typed the letters on his shirt and then slanted the article in a totally different manner from what they pitched. They're claiming writing letters across his shirt is the same as overlapping an artist's name across their photo on any other cover.

So, I obviously dislike Chris Brown and his stupid ties. He was never in Rihanna's league and I am suspicious of anyone who beats women. I dislike his music and hope he ends up working at a fast food joint...but

It was underhanded and ridiculous of VIBE to publish that cover and story. It would serve them right if they go bankrupt again paying off the lawsuit.


Its So Very Cheri said...

Turquoise is the big color this year.

Thanks for your sweet comments on the girly girls room.


Anonymous said...

i agree, that's just not right of Vibe....i don't like C.B. either.