Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its time to make money buying soda again!

Don't you guys love Superbowl season, with all its free beverage opportunities?

Step #1 - Click on that coupon up there (will open as full sized image), then print it

Step #2 - Buy $20 worth of Pepsi at CVS - if that link doesn't work the deal is on the front page of their circular, go look at cvs.com

Step #3 - Receive a $10 coupon off your next order to CVS at the bottom of your receipt (they're called extrabucks)

Step #4 - Find the appropriate rebate form in this document. Make sure you scroll down to see the four different forms. For example - I live in NJ so rebate form #2 (Spend $30 and get back $10) as well as rebate form #4 (Spend $20 and get back $7.50) apply to me.

Some Notes:
The CVS deal is limit 2. So you could buy your first $20 worth of soda and use the $10 coupon that prints out to buy another $20. Make sure you print 2 of the coupons up there!

The Mathematics

Shopping Trip #1
$20 worth of Soda
Minus $5 Coupon
Pay $15, receive $10 Coupon

Shopping Trip #2
$20 worth of Soda
Minus $10 Coupon from first batch of soda
Minus $5 Coupon
Pay $5, Get another $10 coupon

Mail 2 rebate forms with receipts to maximize profit!