Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inspiration Thursday: Turquoise in 2010 FTW!

I love turquoise! Its so cheerful, clean and pairs well with just about any color!

So check it out - Pantone (the world's colorists) have deemed it the IT color of '10 - there's a press release and everything!

I retroactively rename my tiffany trifecta the turquoise trifecta ;)

This is probably the happiest kitchen on the internet. I love the whimsical use of color and furniture.

I hadn't realized how well red and turquoise paired until now. Check out that light over the table and the mirror too! Much fun is had in this room *emphatic nod*

Brown makes for a more subdued pairing. This picture makes me want chocolate.

How do I love thee? Let me count the swirls.

Aqua makes this small space seems so spacious.

If this were my bedroom I'd turn the bed around so I could see this wall every morning and night. I'd also nap more ;)

Random Like.

This must be a display room. There's a bathtub and sink but what looks like the outdoors on one side and stairs on the either? This person is either rich or sells to them.

No one would have trouble finding your house if you say "Its the one with the turquoise door" instead of "Look for newspapers flapping around."

Hey, some people live in their cars. I lump this in home decor ;)

This is an achievable, soothing room. I dig that fireplace something fierce!

Another dark brown pairing but this one has a zebra rug (heart) and chandelier (double heart). The wardrobe may not be up to CS Lewis standards but sure is purty.

I seem to like both turquoise and zebra print - who knew? Yeah, I knew ;)


PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

I have some of those photos saved in my idea file...any of those shades in aqua and turquoise are my fave. Who would have thought that I'd ever be trendy. Just a fluke...
Living it up at Lakewood,

This Thrifted Life said...

Ooh, I have always loved turquoise. I have some leftover turquoise paint in my garage and I am just itching to hit upon something to paint for my home.

Kate Bagley said...

Hooray! I love turquoise! I'm glad it is getting some recognition this year!

Anonymous said...

It is my year. This is my color. MINE I tell you! Turquoise is even my birth "rock". Coincidence? I think not. That first photo is one of my kitchen inspiration photos

Lawgirl said...

Wow, I love that picture with the bed and you're right, I would want to turn it around to see the beautiful wall.

Gorgeous pics!