Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bikram - Hitting my Stride

So today was class #4 and I think I've hit that Beginner's High I'm so familiar with (I wouldn't be called Random if I weren't always tinkering with something new).

Instead of focussing on over-stretching (physical) like I did last week or over-thinking (mental) like I did yesterday, I just went with it today. The instructor was in great form and constantly kept us present with tiny bits of wisdom which sound great when you're holding a prolonged move but are impossible to remember afterwards!

I stretched and sweated more than before (there were sweat beads on ALL sides of my legs) but also laughed and smiled a lot more also. I think my favorite part of bikram is how you're always forced to be in the moment.

In my experience traditional yoga has a lot of empty "resting" space where the body is settling but unfortunately allowing my mind to wander. In martial arts my mind was always worrying about how I'd screw up next...and when I took swimming I was concerned with cold and drowning ;)

With bikram the poses are sustained and there are different levels to each movement. If I've mastered one (a girl can dream, right?) I can push it further, lift it higher, remove the support, etc. My mind and body are constantly engaged and consequently too busy to think about whatever inanities wandered into the training room with me.

I also love the sweating. I feel like I spent the last 31 years trying to avoid, disguise or ignore sweat. Its unexpectedly liberating to be in a room filled with other sweaty people! I love feeling that first drop rolling down my back during the warmup breathing exercises. I love leaning forward and watching sweat drip off my face. I love the unabashed realness of it - yes my body is doing something socially unacceptable but good for it and I LOVE IT!

So yes, today was a great class :D Seoul Diva posted a great beginner's guide to bikram today. How timely eh?


Southern Fried Gal said...

Wow - very inspirational!

Della said...

Um. Wow. I think I'm going to stick to running and push ups.

Embellished Bayou said...

I saw a segment on the Today Show this morning about Bikram. Everyone was completely drenched, but the class was packed! I do regular yoga, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to try Bikram.

urban craft said...

I love yoga, but never too a Bikram class. Beginner's high, you say. I think I must check this out.