Monday, January 25, 2010

Bikram Class 3

So its been four days since I started bikram but I've only taken three classes so far. I took yesterday off in order to allow my body adjustment time.

The night after my first bikram class my knees were killing me. Dr. Google guessed (and my instructor confirmed) this was likely due to my not locking my knees in certain poses. I made some adjustments and haven't had knee pain since.

I've also stepped up my game and am drinking about two gallons of water a day. The internet says bikram can burn up to 700 calories in one session so I'm also trying to increase my caloric intake. Exciting stuff eh?

I think my body is adjusting to the exercise and warmth too. After the first class my face was RED. We're not talking about a pale, girlish blush, I'm talking about Santa with a sunburn RED! Since then its been more pink than red.

Sadly I am not a balacing guru yet :( I'm not sure what I can do to help improve that. I've tried focusing on one spot, looking straight, looking up, down, closing my eyes, visualizing, etc. I just can't get my body to trust that it can be held up by one foot. Of course, the Wii Fit has known this for almost two years and is probably gloating ;)

Pain-wise I don't have anything exciting to report. My upper arms and sides of my stomache are sore, which is nice. Its not comparable to the soreness I got from kickboxing but I'm not expecting the same results. Kickboxing made my body amazingly muscular and defined but sadly underweight. I figure yoga will slightly tone it instead :)